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Kelly Roland Motivated By Overcoming Beyonce’s Shadow

X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland’s motivation in overcoming the world according to her Destiny Child’s BFF Beyoncé is no surprise. Her recent nip slip or peek-a-boo moment happened — big deal. But why is she really under-rated?

You can argue till the dogs come home that her double “pop goes the weasel” bra malfunction was deliberate; no consensus there.

The chatter on Twitter is mixed, and despite it following so close to Nicki Minaj’s “hello world” moment on national television, who knows what is really going on? Kelly does.

Take her newest hot single, “Motivation” for instance. The track is hot, the lyrics are steamy, and she is bubbalicious! Kelly Rowland is a bit pimped out as she is crooning to her quarry like Barry White or Luther Vandross did. Okay, for you leaner-aged fans — like Trey Songz.

But when she does something monumental like drop a smash hit, it only gets a nipple, ehem, ripple of press. Remember her duet “Dilemma” with Nelly? That was hot, but because her name is not Beyoncé Knowles, it fell short in becoming a timeless piece.

“Motivation” is sort of coming of age for K-Row, as she says she came into her sexuality while making the song. That explains her late night sightings in adult sex shops. Chill; she’s grown up now, and you probably passed her on your way out the door.

But this new song and album is the true test of the evolution of Kelly Rowland. She put her soul into this project.

And because the world places so much stake on Beyoncé, K-Row has to leave her mark behind — by any means necessary. Yes, that even means planning a peek-a-boo moment.