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Tina Fey On Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Rant: ‘Violent Images… Disturbing To Me’

Tough luck !!
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How To Fix The Economic Crisis And Keep The Progress Moving So That America Can Thrive Again .

Start with making it required that all unused campaign fund collections are put against our national debt. Make lobbying a crime punishable by ten years in the Federal Pen incarceration for all parties involved and the money involved,seized and used to pay our national debt. Remove the government’s ability to vote their own pay raises,I figure around 20 to 30% more than the average income of their constituents is enough),reduce their obscenely high paychecks and benefits packages,Stop throwing money at every country that does nothing for us in return, start keeping the spoils of wars we risk our lives in.
I think that may be a good start.
And i think that we could go a bit further by getting rid of long term incumbency in our senate and congress,and maybe even abolish political parties seeing as they do nothing more than divide us.
And plesase do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats,whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject to regulators,to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.Above all,do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do and that is to help the American people first.
One hundred Senators, 435 Congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

And have you ever wondered,if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, Why do we have deficits?

And If the Social Security benefits is an entitlement then I am entitled to get my money back.
And what does the President mean when he say’s that they are going to examine gas prices, what a bunch of horse manure.

Save America

America is on the bleak, the economy is still sluggish , and the politicians are still bickering back and forth at each other,desperately trying to figure out, what they can do to fix this economic crisis were experiencing.In the not so distant future history probably will read that, Barack Obama after being President for one term ,retires to his mansion in Chicago, pulls out his prayer rug and gives thanks to Allah for allowing him to morally and fiscally destroy us. Flee from the stock market, fell from all paper investments, for the Obamanation is upon US.
The dreams of Barack, his father and father’s father once carried to fruition became our socialist progressive nightmare on Elm Street. This dream of Barack was most dangerous during his waking hours. As President, Barack and his progressive minions worked around the clock to implement his dastardly agenda. The country wished it could awake from his four year nightmare, but it was too late! May God save Israel and US. With Obama, the gifts from Allah keep on giving.

It appears that the seeds for the ultimate revenge against Israel and America were firmly planted in the fertile dark Moslem soil of Indonesia. Obama lived there from the impressionable ages from six to ten years of age. He attended a Moslem school and became a regular fixture at a local radical mosque. Barry’s favorite course and sermons were “How to Defeat the Infidels.” Listed below is a copy of Obama’s notes from this time on how to destroy the “Great and Little Satans.” He could only dream at this time that he would become the greatest Islamic warrior in the history of Jihad.

1. Force your enemy into financial oblivion with major budget deficits

2. Create a multi generational group totally dependent on the Government.
This Group known as the “Takers” will blindly support your Progressive Agenda.

3. Encourage open borders between the US and Mexico. Accuse any one against this as racist. A country without borders cannot survive.

4. Form a separate civilian defense force as large and well funded as the US Military. This is needed for any successful coup. You cannot trust the military leaders, particularly in the United States to turn against its citizens.

5. Islam says a Muslim can lie or verbally mislead the Infidels. Say or do anything that will give you the advantage. Obama has mastered the art of deception to a point that he cannot distinguish between the truth and his lies. The Progressives hang on and believe his every utterance. Allah is result oriented and will reward one with 70 virgins and a one-way ticket to their paradise for destroying Israel and America.

The Muslim teachings and indoctrination would stay with Obama forever and be critical in his quest for power and glory. It was now clear the path needed for revenge. He must at all cost avenge his birthright and complete the jihad against the “Great and Little Satan” (US and Israel).

Who’s To Blame For This Economic Crisis : Republicans Or Democrats ?

The Republicans and Democrats have been at each others throats about this situation since former President George W. Bush left office.Republicans continue to say that President Obama is to blame for this economic crisis,because of the $780 billion dollar stimilus package deal that he signed in to Law.And the Democrats continue to say former President George W.Bush is to blame for this economic crisis that we’re experiencing, because of the bank bailouts,Auto bailouts and the housing foreclosiers that happened under his watch as President. I do value President Obama’s healthcare laws, as they consider all Americans who are uninsured, although some people are misinformed about these laws, and are scared of them. President Obama doesn’t claim to be a Socialist, but even if he did does anyone in this country even know what Socialism is? It would actually keep big businesses in check, keeping them from taking advantage of us!

Although the Republicans aren’t really to blame for our country’s problems either, despite the fact that they want to cut out all government benefits for Medicare and Social Security. They have their strong points, just as much as Democrats do! What we need is to make this country a legal Non-Partisan country, where you can’t just pull on that straight-ticket lever, so that people will actually have to do research! Our problems does not come from the government, but by the people who create our government, which you, you as in “You, the viewer”, may partly be responsible for.

This is right in one aspect,but it still don’t change the fact that the Republicans want’s to end the Social Secrity program and the Medicare program for the senior citizens and the disabled right now.And i believe when they win the majority in the senate and the Presidency in 2012 they will finally complete their misssion and that is to end Social Security and Medicare.And the Democrats and America can’t ever stop them because they will have both Majorities, the Senate and the House. Because when one party have the majority ,in the senate and the house, they can and will use that majority to do and get anything that they want and even the back deals that they want.

Anthony Weiner’s Twitter Gate

It has been a long a two weeks for Anthony Weiner.You see two weeks ago it all came crashing down on Anthony Weiner.Lewd pictures of him had surfaced on twitter.He was then asked by news reporters about the lewd pictures,they asked him did he tweet the lewd pictures of himself on twitter,to a twenty-six year old girl.And he said no someone had hacked in to his computer and doctored the pictures of him.He was being asked this question over and over again.And then one day he had gotten very angry when a news reporter asked him about the lewd twitter pictures again,he called the news reporter a jackass.He said that he has had it with all these questions. On Monday June 6, 2011, Anthony Weiner finally decided to tell the truth and address these accusations about the lewd twitter pictures, that he finally admitted to posting them on twitter himself,to some girls that he had known via facebook for the past three years.He had a national press conference to finally let the people know the truth, about this situation.And during the press conference he was asked by a news reporter,is he was going to resign from his job as a U.S. Reprentative.And he told the news reporter that he was not going to resign,because he has not did anything wrong,that would indicate that he need to resign from his job. He said that this situation is a personal matter and not a problem about him doing his job right by helping the people of his district in New York.It has been reported in the news that Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma is now pregnant,and she hasn’t been seen in the public lately, during this situation.The people of New York are divided over whether Anthony Weiner should keep his job or resign,dispite what has happened during the past two weeks with Anthony Weiner. There has also been controversy over this situation in the Democratic Party,some of them are beginning to distance themselves from Anthony Weiner.And also some of the Democrats are now saying that Anthony Weiner should resign ,because he could hurt their image and their chances of winning back the House in 2012.Or it could hurt their chances of keeping the Presidentcy in the Democratic Party.The Democratic Party members are also saying with this bad image in the Democratic Party ,it could hurt President Barack Obama chances of being re-elected even more than it is now.So some of the Democratic Members are secretly asking Anthony Weiner to resign immediately.

Why Isn’t The Private Sector Creating Jobs Faster ?

What’s the real solution for this economic crisis that we’re experiencing? Where are the jobs? I guess we should ask this question of the Republicans because they are now the majority, in control of Congress. From day one the Republicans have tried to make sure that President Barack Obama is just a one-term president. Instead of trying to help President Obama fix the economy, the Republicans have tried to destroy it even more, to ensure they keep their promise to their party members and the Tea Party and see Obama lose the next election. One of the Republicans’ main aims is to end the Social Security and the Medicare programs for senior citizens and the disabled. They want to turn these programs into voucher schemes that senior citizens will have to pay for out of their own pockets. It’s a known fact – just ask Paul Ryan, the Republican Congressman from Wisconsin.

Republicans made sure that people think Obama is against business, but this is the key point: before this economy can start growing faster again, and more jobs are created, the private sector must have an enormous amount of confidence in President Obama’s policies. We all know that’s not going to happen, because the Republicans and the Tea Party keep telling lies to the American people, scaring them about the national debt and health care mandates. Using their House majority, they vow to repeal Obama’s health care laws and replace them. My question to the Republicans would be what will you replace them with?

And to everybody out there who thinks that the Republicans can actually fix this economy by continuing to give tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires, thinking that this will create new jobs, it’s just plain lies, and the Republicans know it. They just don’t care about what happens to the poor people and the middle class people in America. I still believe in President Obama’s policies because they are aimed at helping the American people first, instead of helping the rich at the expense of the rest of the country.

It’s important to remember that President Obama isn’t perfect, and no other President ever was or ever will be. In fact, during his speech on November 4th, 2008 he said as much, and he asked people to have patience in him, warning that it might take him two terms as President to fix the economic crisis. Republicans don’t seem to care if President Obama fails or if the country fails.

The economic problems are not Obama’s fault; the economy was in terrible shape before we voted for him, and now after the work he’s been doing it is growing and the private sector is creating jobs again. The economy may be improving very slowly, but I would rather have slow growth than no growth